Bystander By: Taylor Ellison

  • Exposition 1- Background

    Exposition 1- Background
    Eric has just moved from Ohio to Bellport, Long Island with his mom and sister, he is the new kid in town.
    Eric's dad is mentally ill, so he is no longer with them.
    Griffin is the popular kid you do not want to get on his bad side, being not the nicest kid.
  • Exposition 2- Setting

    Exposition 2- Setting
    Eric had moved from Ohio toBellport, Long Island which is now Eric's home with his family.
    While also alot of conflicts, situations, etc. happen at their school.
  • Exposition 3- characters

    Eric is the new kid in town who just wants to fit in, while Griffin the popular tough guy in school "takes Erin under his wing". While a kid named David, who thinks he's cool and friends with Griffin. He is really not, he gets picked on and teased. But when Eric tries to help David, he will not listen.
  • Conflict

    Griffin and his crew tease on David, and Eric isn't sure if he should put a stop to it and could become the next target or just stand there and watch as a bystander.