Buzz aldrin

  • buzz aldrin born

    born on jan,20/1930 his name was edwin eugene "buzz" aldrin jr. he changed it to buzz because his sister when she was little said brother wrong and said Buzzer
  • when buzz aldrin graduated

    Graduated third in his class at west piont in 1951,and went to the military as a second lieutent in the united states air fource and served as a jet fighter pilot during the korean war
  • aldrin earned docter of science degree in astronautics

    aldrin earned a docter of science degree in astronautics and started to get ready to go to the moon
  • selected to go to space

    aldrin was selected as a part of the third group of NASA astronauts selected in october 1963
  • on the moon

    july 21,1969 he became the second person to step on the moon
  • aldrin retired

    retired march 1972, aldrin retired from active duty of a pilot after 21 years
  • bart sibrel incendent

    aldrin was lured to beverly hills thinking he was there for japenese children telivision show. when he arrived, apollo conspiricy pronent bart sibrel accosted him. demanded him to swear on the bible the moon landings were not faked and aldrin punched him in th jaw
  • book published

    one of his autobiographies published in 2009 "magnificend desolation" it provides accounts of his struggles with clinical depression and alcholismin the years following his NASA career
  • played in aa movie

    2011 played himself in the film transformers:dark moon,witch was about apollo 11
  • thinking about mars

    aldrin wrote an opinion published in the new york times supporting a manned mission to mars and use the moon as a departure piont and make human kind become a two planet species