Building The Great Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge)

By mzloo
  • Period: to

    Brooklyn Bridge

  • John Roebling born in Germany

    John Roebling born in Germany
    John Roebling was the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Washington Roebling Born U.S.

  • Emily Warren Born

    Emily Warren Born
    Emily would become Washington's wife and become instrumental in building the bridge.
  • American Civil War begins

  • Washington Roebling enlists as a private in the Militia.

  • American Civil War ends

  • John Roebling Suffers a Crushed Foot

    One day in 1869 he was standing at the edge of a dock, working on fixing the location where the bridge would be built, when his foot was crushed by an arriving ferry. His injured toes were amputated. He refused further medical treatment and wanted to cure his foot by "water therapy" (continuous pouring of water over the wound). His condition deteriorated. He succumbed to tetanus 24 days after the accident.
  • John Roebling Dies

    John Roebling dies at 63.
  • Workers Begin Suffering From The Bends

    The original name for DCS was "caisson disease". This term was introduced in the 19th century, when caissons under pressure were used to keep water from flooding large engineering excavations below the water table, such as bridge supports and tunnels. Workers spending time in high ambient pressure conditions are at risk when they return to the lower pressure outside the caisson if the pressure is not reduced slowly.
  • BB Open For Business

  • 12 People Die in Stampede on Bridge

    12 People Die in Stampede on Bridge
    Stampede Six days after the opening, a rumor that the Bridge was going to collapse caused a stampede, which was responsible for at least twelve people being crushed and killed.
  • 21 Circus Elephants Cross the BB.

    21 Circus Elephants Cross the BB.
    Review of Book, 21 Elephants P. T. Barnum helped to squelch doubts about the bridge's stability—while publicizing his famous circus—when one of his most famous attractions, Jumbo, led a parade of 21 elephants over the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Thomas Edison Films a Ride on BB

  • Emily Roebling Dies

  • Washington Roebling Dies

    Washington Roebling died at 89 years old.