Bud, Not Buddy Timeline

By cd6112
  • Stock market crashes

    other known Black Tuesday
  • Period: to

    Bud, Not Buddy

  • Food Riots

    Food riots began in part of the U.S., including Minneapolis where men and women demolish a grocery store and take canned goods, fruit and meat. The shop owner is injured. A force of 100 police officers quelled the riot and arrested seven people.
  • Unemployed

    3,000 unemployed workers marched on a Ford Motor Company plan in Michigan. Company guards attacked the workers, killing four and injuring scores.
  • Bud is placed in a temporary home

    Bud is placed into a foster home
  • Bud goes on the lam

    After Bud finds out his friend, Mrs. Hill, has moved to Chicago he is back at square one. His friend, Bugs, finds him and convinces him to go on the lam so they can find a place to work and live far away from Flint, Michigan.
  • Arrival in Hooperville

    Bud and Bugs find themselves in Hooperville while they wait to jump a train. It is here that Bud meets Deza Malone, who gives him his first kiss.
  • A ride from Lefty Lewis

    After Bud misses the train, he decides to hitch hike. He is picked up by Lefty Lewis who knows the man Bud believes to be his father, Herman E. Calloway. He takes him to his house to meet him.
  • Arrival at the Grand Calloway station

    Bud meets Mr. Calloway who does not want anything to do with Bud, and is suspicious of his motives when he claims he is his son. However, the rest of the Dusky Devastators take him in.Miss Thomas, the vocalist for the Dusky Devastators, tends to Bud the most and convinces Herman to give Bud a chance.
  • The Truth

    One night on the road with the band, Bud ends up riding back with Herman E. Calloway who still doesn't trust him. When Bud shows him the contents of his suitcase, some old rocks with dates written on them, Herman asks Bud who is mother is.Bud tells him that his mother was Angela Janet Calloway. We learn that Angela is Herman's daughter whom he had not seen she ran away when she was 21 years old. Herman never knew he had a grand son.
  • Ending

    Bud continues living at Grand Calloway station, and becomes an honorary member of Herman E. Calloway and the Dusky Devastators of the Depression!!!!! They call him Sleepy LaBone.