Brittney/Matthew's AP Timeline project

  • Pocahantas

    In the year 1608, Pocahantas saved Jamestown , Virgina' s Captain, John Smith, From being executed. She did this by throwing herself over him to prevent her father, the Algonkian Cheif Powtan, from beheaded him.
  • Sir Robert Boyle

    He was the one who formulatedthe Fundamental Gas laws. He was also , the first to propose the combination of small particels to form in to molecules. (chem.)
  • Robert Herrick

    He was an english lyric poet and wrote a forteen poem volume poem called," Hesperides." This poem did get published , but it quickly vanished into obsecurity. Which means that the book and person is considered to be unknown , or unimportant.(lITERATURE)
  • Sir. Isacc Newton

     Sir. Isacc Newton
    He worked on the Fudenmental Therom of Calculas and he developed his own versionof infinitesimal calculas. Though Sir.Isacc Newton is more widely known for The Universal Law of Gravitation. (cal.)
  • John Milton

    He wrote and published a widely known book called," Paradise Lost." It was a book written to ," justiing the ways of God, to men." It was published in 1667, which basically gave an in depth look to the Bilbe. ( lITERATURE)
  • Libniz

    He published his method of intergral calculas in an issue of , " Acta Eruditorum." (cal.)
  • Benjimen Franklin

    Benjimen Franklin
    He was one of the founding fathers and helped drat , " The Delcartion of Independence." Him and the other sixty -four men , signed ," The Delcloration of Independence."
  • Adam Smith

    He was a Scotish social philosophere. He wrote a book called, The Wealth of Nations, which descrides a lassize-faire capitilism. Which basically means that the government should interven as little as possible in the direction of economic affairs.
  • Joseph Preistly

    Joseph Preistly
    He discovered Oxygen(o2), Carbon Dioxide(co2), and Nitrous oxide. He also proposed the the Electrical iverse-square law.(eNVI.SC.)
  • Leonhard Euler

    He introduced the integrating fator technique for solving first order ordinary different equations.(CALCU)
  • The Articles of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation was Americas first Constitution. It provided a weak control for the central government. It was later revised Iin, 1789..(U.S GOVERN)
  • Anne Pairs

    She founded the Friendly Circle ,which laterly became known as, The Female Society of Philidelphia. Which provide relief for the poor and unempolyed. Also , was the first charitable organization run by and for women.(U.S HISTORY)
  • Thomas Robert Mathus

    He published an essay on ," The Principle of Population." The book warned the nation about the dangers of unchecked population growth. (envi.Sc.)
  • Libig j. von

    He investigated the photosynthesis reaction and soil chemistry. He was the first to propose using fertilizer. Also, he discoverd chloroform. (chem.)
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Lousianna Purchase was purchaseed from the Frenh for 15 million dollars. The French was in alot of war debut and needed the money. The two poeple who navigated this was Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.( U.S HISTORY)
  • Louis Paster

    He was the first to reconigtion of bacteria as a disease that causes agents. He developed the felid of Immuno chemistry. Also, he came up with the theory of pasterization. (chem.)
  • Augustin Louis Cauchy

    He presented the Cauchy intergral thoery for general integration problems. Also , he introduces his theroies of residues in complex anaylasis.(CAL.)
  • Joseph Liter

    Joseph Liter
    He use the inate of antispecies in surgery. Like for example, carbolic acid. He was also known as ," The Father of Moderen Surgrey. ( CHEM.)
  • Mikhail Vasilevich Ostrogradsky

    He rediscovers tand gives first proof of the divergence theorem. Which it was earlier discovered by Lagrange, Gauss and Green.(CHEM.)
  • Louis F.a. Arbogast

    he introduces the symbol D. Which in calculas terms, the symbol D represents the operation of differentation.(cal.)
  • Henry David Thoreau

    He publishes the book," Walden." This work has inspired many poeple to live simple and in harmony with nature.(Envi.SC)
  • Women's suffrage

    Women's suffrage
    The petition , in Britain , for the women's right to suffarge was presented by parliment. Which caused women in the United staes to march for their right to vote.(U.S GOVERN.)
  • Amy Lowell

    Amy Lowell
    She was an American critic, lectutuer, and a leading poet of the imginist school. One of her poemsthe," Fix Idea", was published in 1910 by,," The Alantic Monthly." Also , anthor one of her poems was called," Dream Drops", Or ," Stories from Fairyland," by a Dreamer.(LITER.)
  • Henry S. Salt

    He publishes, " Animal Rights Considered in The Relation to Social Progress." It was a landmark on the rights of Animals.(ENVI.SC)
  • E.E cummings

    He was a famous American poet and painter . He was known for his ecentric punctuation and pharapharsing. Some of his poems include ," May I Feel Said He", and ," I Thank You God for This Most Amazing." (literature)
  • Mohtaram Eskandari

    She established the first women's organiztion in Iran, which was called,"The Union of Patriotic Women." Though when the ladies of the organization tried to have their first meeting, religous leaders broke it up. Also, some of the women were burn in the process.(U.S GOVERN)
  • Jean-Paul Sartre

    Jean-Paul Sartre
    He was a French philosophere, novilest, and dominant French intellectual of his time. He was a philosophere of phenomonal psychology. He publised two novels and the first one to be published was," Nausee," in 1938, and ," Li Mginair", in 1946.
  • Gwendlyn Brooks

    Gwendlyn Brooks
    She was and American poet, whose works deals with every day life of blacks. sHE WAS THE FIRST aFRICAN aMERICAN TO WIN THE , " Pulitezer Prize," in 1950.(literature)
  • Warren Buffet

    He was the second richest person in America, He has three kids and a new wife. Also, he attend , " The Cloumbian University", of Nebraska , Lincoln. His net work was worth 40,000 million. ( Macro.)
  • Yalta Coference

    This was a meeting held in Yalta, in which the three major Allied leaders met. Those leaders name were Stalin,ChurchHill, and Roosevelt. The main purpose of the meeting was of the restablishment of the nations conquered by Germany.(U.S HISTORY)
  • Peter Singer

    Peter Singer
    He had an Australianethic background and was a political philosopher. He was widely known for his work in Bioethics. The word Bioethics mean: A feild of study concerened with the ethics and philosophical implacationof certain biologiacl and medical procedures.
  • Wildlife organization

    The Defenders Wildelife was founded. This group consisted of poeple who were furbeares and Antisteal trap leauge.
  • Jim c. Walton

    Jim c. Walton
    He is the fifth richest person in the world. His network is worth 18,600 million. He is married andhas four childeren. Also, he attend ," The University of Arkansa."(Macro.)
  • Christ Walton

     Christ Walton
    She is the fourth richest person in America. Her network is worth 21,500 million. She has no husband and only one child. Also, she dose not have any education , but she inherited Walmart.
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    He was one of the richest persons in America. He was married and had three kids. Though Bill Gates did go to school, he droped out.(Macroeconomics)
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested. The reason for her arrest ,was because ,she would not give up her seat to a white man. Even though there had been many previous attempts of this, Rosa Parks bus sitting was the most inspiring.(u.s govern)
  • Lawerence Ellison

    He is the thrid richest person in America. His network is wroth 27,000 million. He has two childeren and thrice divorced, but remarried.
  • John Wallis

    He publishes Newton's method of flutions. You can find this in volume two of his own mathemathecal works. (cal.)
  • Geroge Perkins Marsh

    Geroge Perkins Marsh
    In 1864, the book," Man of Nature", was published. The book described by some enviromentalists, as a fountainhead of the conversation of movement.Fountainhead basically means : a cheif source of anything. (LITER.)
  • Queen Anne

    Queen Anne
    Queen AnThis was a major fashion and founded the Ascot races and was one of the first, of many, monarchs to use the royal box. This was a major fashion and social event held for four days during the month of, June.(U.S HISTORY)
  • Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes
    He was a French matematicaian, scientist, and a philosopher. He was arguably one of th first major philosopher in the moderern era. He's philosophys focused on knowlege and certainty, relation ships between mind and body. These theories have been very inspiring, and infulental, throughtout history and moderen day.
  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    He wrote," The Prince", in 1505 and was publised in , 1515. The main overlook of the book is basically explaining on how a prince should rule his country. Also, it explains that the prince should have the best interest of the poeple and to gain their respect.
  • John Locke

    He was a British philosophere and was one of many who believed in the theroy of the social contract. The social contract basically states that if a government fails to protect your basic rights , then you have the right to over-throw it.
  • House of Burgesses

    It was established in Jamestown, Virginia. It was also the first represenitaive government in america. Today it is known as ," The Virginia General Assembly."( U.S GOVERN.)