British crime timeline

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  • First British crime film: The Chinese Puzzle

    The Chinese Puzzle was the first film released that could be categorised as a 'British Crime'. It is an adaptation of a book with the same name and is why it falls into the British Crime category. Despite this the film doesn't involve many of the conventions we'd expect in a British Crime film today.
  • Period: to

    Post war

    After World War 2 the people of Britain needed a bit of cheering up, so many gangster-type films were produced to lighten spirits, with cheeky happy-go-lucky cockneys being used in a gangster role.
  • The Italian Job

    The Italian Job
    The Italian Job is perhaps the most iconic British crime film of all time, with the witty characters helping lift the spirits of post-war Britain. The iconic phrase 'You're only supose to blow the bloody doors off!' was coined in this film, and set a presidence for future films involving daring heists and criminal masterminds.
  • Get Carter

    Get Carter
    A more serious film compared to the Italian Job, but again involving Michael Caine follows the life of a London gangster up north.
  • Period: to

    The 80s - the rise of the British gangster

    At this point in time, crime films made in Britain were becoming more serious than comedic, correlating with the rise in real-life gangs springing up in London, and as they spread their violence and terror this was reflected in the film industry on the subject.
  • The Krays

    The Krays
    The Krays was a film made about the brothers Ronald and Reginald Kray, who were gangsters in London in the 50s and 60s.
  • Sexy Beast

    Sexy Beast
    Film about a retired gangster and bank robber who's living in Spain who is forced out of retirement by a former associate. Has many postmodern elements such as being non-linear and also interesting camera shots.
  • Bullet Boy

    Bullet Boy
    Billed as the British 'Boyz n the hood', is a film that has heavily influenced my groups trailer, Has young Ricky who's fresh out of prison and falls back into a criminal lifestyle, is a film that would be alot more associated with the British Crime films of today.
  • Starred Up

    Starred Up
    One of the more recent British crime films relseased, follows the life of Eric Love whislt in prison. Like bullet boy, this film has inspired my groups trailer in various ways.