British Cinema in WW2 and Post War

  • Period: to

    British Film

  • British domestic film production reaches a new low

    Only 46 films made
  • Which We Serve

    Films began to make increasing use of documentary techniques and former documentary films like In Which we Serve
  • Films like "Millions like us" became very popular in war time

  • Average weekly film attendences in Britian reaches 30 million

  • British Cinema attendance reaches peak with 1,635 million tickets sold

  • First X-rated film - La vie commence demain (The life begins tomorrow)

  • Curse of Frankstein

    Even though it is a American film it stars a British actor, Peter Cushing
  • The horror of Dracula

    Peter Cushing and Christopher (both British actors)
  • Carry On.... film series start

    There are now 29 film, of low budget comedies