Brian Mulroney.

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    The life of Brian Mulroney

  • Brian Mulroney

    Brian Mulroney
    Brian Mulroney Biography Brian Mulroney was born in a small town in Quebec called Baie-Comeau. Although he was raised in an eglish family due to his surroundings in a french community Mulroney naturally became bilingual. Mulroney was catholic, and was one of six children raised in his Irish family.
  • Highschool Career.

    Highschool Career.
    Highschool Mulroney graduated from a private highschool in New Brunswik.
  • University.

    School Mulroney obtained a civil law degree after gruduating from Laval University. Once Mulroney realized which direction he wanted his future career to go in, he began to take part in politics.
  • Work

    Work Mulroney who was in his early 20's was a conservative who began working for John Diefenbaker. While working for Diefenbaker he began to build a Tory network in Quebec, Ontario.
  • Marriage

    Mulroney married his wife Mila Pivnicki on May 26th 1973.
  • Career and Fame.

    Career and Fame.
    Mulroney Mulroney worked for a major law firm in Montreal, where he became a specialist in Major relations. Through televised hearings Mulroney became a celebrity.
  • Mulroney's children.

    Mulroney's children. Between the time periods 1974-1985 Mulroney's wife Mila gave birth to four children (three boys and one girl) which started the Mulroney family. The oldest Caroline Mulroney is a buisness woman and lawer, then Benedict (Ben) Mulroney who became a successful tv show host, in 1979 Robert "Mark" Mulroney was born and he became an equidy trader, their last child Nicolas Mulroney is an MBA student.
  • President. Mulroney refused to run for office so he became president of Iron Ore Company in Canada. Although he did not take part in the running for office, he was active within many fundraisers and organizations ran by the Conservative Party. When Mulroney decided to run for party leadership in 1976 he was defeated by Joe Clark.
  • Mulroney wins leadership.

    Mulroney wins leadership.
    Mulroney wins. Mulroney ran for party leadership again in 1983, when he successfully won against Joe Clark. Mulroney ran against the Liberal Party. This event was the largest majority in Canadian history because Mulroney won 211 seats, 58 of them in Quebec.
  • Brian Mulroney end of power.

    Brian Mulroney end of power.
    Prime Minister. In 1993 Mulroney went back to Montreal to practice law, and resigned from his position as prime minister.
  • Brian Mulroney now.

    Brian Mulroney now.

    The award.
    Mulroney now. Brian Mulroney went on to win the Horatio Alger Award in 2012. This award is dedicated to people who are community leaders who show initiative as individuals within the community.