Brenden's presidents

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    free the slave
    He was the sencond of the repulican party
  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson
    He was the frist america prestent to be impeached
    He was the most to be senate by one vote
    The most thing about the as the cival war
  • Ulysses S. grant

    Ulysses S. grant
    confederate of the slavery
    was the west poit traing
    was the person in the radical republic
  • James A. garfield

    James A. garfield
    He was the U.S house of repsentatives
    He was the 20th preseret
    He was humble to ohio
  • Chester A. Arthur

    Chester A. Arthur
    Arthur was vice presentent
    Arthur was the fired Arthur
    james garfiled was vice present
  • Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland
    GRover was the to server as a non cotivenshen
    He was the 23th preserdent to be consle
    He was the coonsl of the war
  • Benjamin Harrison

    Benjamin Harrison
    He moved to Indian at the age of 21
    the begging of the civil warhe was premit as the colonel
    He sa the addmins in the six states
    He was the 23th preserent
  • William Mckinley

    William Mckinley
    He was the last president for the american civil war
    He was the congers to the repulcan parity
    defeted bryan again in the 1900
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    born into the withey family
    born in the states of new york
    In 1901 persident mukey was ariding to roosevelt