Booboo Stewart

By astolz
  • born

    born in Beverly Hills, California, USA real name Nils Allen Stewart Jr. Boo Boo was born in Beverley Hills, California to Nils Allen Stewart Sr., and Renee Stewart. His nickname Boo Boo came from his mother. His father is of Russian, Scottish and Blackfoot Native American descent and his mother is of Japanese, Chinese and Korean descent. He has 3 sisters.
  • when he started

    he started acting in 2004 but his sisters are in a band and he always tuored with them. his first couple of films he started in where Yard Sale, Skeleton Man, and Big Time.
  • acting

    through out the years hw has played in many movies,shows,and music videos 2005 Fly Kidz , Pit Fighter, and ER
  • more

    in 2006 he did 18 Fingers of Death!, The Conrad Boys, 666: The Child, Blue Dolphin Kids, and Everybody Hates Chris
  • more acting

    did The Last Sentinel and Uncle P
  • boom

    he did a video kung Fu Fighting with Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black and did The Fifth Commandment
  • 09

    he did How I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse and American Cowslip
  • twighlight

    the twilight seris he is known best as seth clearwater The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, new moon, and eclipese
  • acting more

    he did Dark, Games Logan, CSI: Miami, and Smitty
  • ching chang chong

    did Jake Stevens: The Last Protector, Good Luck Charlie, and R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour
  • today

    did and doing Guardians of Luna and White Frog