Bob trolley

bob Trolley

By Lols
  • 0-3years physical

    0-3years physical
    Bob Trolley was born. Physical: He started to grasp things with his hands, which he can hold his bottle by himself, he is also starting to crawl which turnt into him being able to pull him self up and manage to walk by himself. His muscles are expanding.
  • 0-3years emotional and social

    0-3years emotional and social
    emotional: He still cries when he wants things but near to three years old he starts to realize that crying doesn't always get what he is looking for. Bob still has unconditional love for his parents as no matter what he still loves them.
    social; Bob will allow a stranger to look after him, he can be seperated from his parents for a long period of time.
  • 0-3year intellectual

    0-3year intellectual
    Intellectual: bob can now build a tower block with more than 6 blocks, he can also talk to people using more than 50 words, he can also recognise one or more body parts without being pointed at. Bob started to walk early, so he is now trying to run.
  • 4-9years physical

    4-9years physical
    Physical: Bob started to walk up and down the stairs independently, also he could bath by himself. His dad taught him how to ride a bike and by this time he was able to ride without stablisers as his balance increses. He also helps to carry big objects and small objects. His body is gradually growing taller and wider.
  • 4-9years emotional and social

    4-9years emotional and social
    Emotional: He has unconditional love for his mother and father, yet he still cries to get attention from them. He is a lot more independant and he has good self confidence. He is learning to have emotions as he can now talk about his feelings.
    Social: He is at the age to go to school, and as he gets older he is meeting new friends and interacting with different adults. He is nearly at the age of secondary school.
  • 4-9 years Intellectual

    4-9 years Intellectual
    Intellectual: Bob is now able to not only count to 100 but he can also count back from 100. He is also able to say the alphabet with no problems. Bob is able to speak more words than before.
  • 10-18years physical and intellectual

    10-18years physical and intellectual
    Physical: Puberty starts... this means he is getting spots, he has started to grow pubic hair and facial hair, his body will grow and his voice breaks. He has also started high school.
    Intellectual: He has started to express his feelings through speaking to people as he starts to experience sadness and depression. He has now got a clearer sense of right or wrong. due to him starting high school he may feel more pressured.
  • 10-18years emotional and social

    10-18years emotional and social
    Emotional: Bob is starting to look at his body image more as he is starting to be interested in girls, he is also starting to spend less time with his parents because he is spending time with his friends and showing less affection towards them, although he still has unconditional love for them. Bob is lacking in self confidence which is due to other peers around him. SOCIAL: He is starting to talk to girls and interact with them. He is forming relationships with them, falling in and out of love.
  • 19-65 years physical

    19-65 years physical
    Physical:The body shape changes, he is gradually stopped growing in height around the age of 18. His hair colour gradually gets more grey the older he gets. Bob starts to loose weight then gain weight, this is because his waist widens, and he is less likely to loose weight after gaining it.
  • Intellectual 19-65 years

    Intellectual 19-65 years
    Intellectual: He has started working so he needs to learn how different jobs work, what he needs to do in that specific job. He also attented university for a few years, to greater his education and allow him to get a good job.
  • 19-65 years emotional and social

    19-65 years emotional and social
    emotional: Bob is experiencing death of his loved ones, he has recently been made redundant from his job, which has a big impact on his life as he is loosing out on money.
    Social: he has to apply for different jobs and in that he is making new friends in work and out of work. He is still falling in and out of relationships, but he has now found someone perminant and is planning to get married in a couple of years, but have children on the way. He is starting a family of his own.
  • 65+ Life developments

    65+ Life developments
    Bob is no longer experiencing new things as his life is slowly deteriarating. Although he is experiencing the death of close friends and relatives, he is now able to retire and starting to loose his self confidence because he isn't interracting with others. Bob himself has still got a few more years in him but he isn't as healthy as what he used to be. whereas some people this age can end up dieing through horrible illnesses or by a heart attack or stroke. Bob's health is at a decent stage...
  • 65+cont.

    But may change suddenly, and he could fall ill.
  • Final stages of life

    Final stages of life
    Bob's final stages of life are where he starts to deteriarate, his nervous system is shutting down, muscles weaken and so do bones. He is getting weaker and it is nearly time for him to pass away. Bob's life is coming to an end. The final stages of life are normally over a two week period.