Block 4a LNunes

  • Alexander 1

    Alexander 1
    Alexander 1 was given the throne in 1801. He slowly started to settle the unrising of censorship. He also loved educatation. Finally he talked about freeing the serfs. He past away in 1825.
  • Alexander 2

    Alexander 2
    Alexander always wanted the throne. He got the throne in 1855 when a war was going on. He studied a lot of things. He studied math, physics, and statistics.
  • Nicholas 1

    Nicholas 1
    People didnt agree and revolted against him. Nicolas wanted to accomplish new ways and laws to prevent the circulation of the liberal movement.
  • Alexander 3

    Alexander 3
    Alexanders father was killed. He brought back censorship. Alexander decided to stick to the Russian language and the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Nicholas 2

    Nicholas 2
    Last Emperor of Russia. He invested in transportation systems. He took loans from France to help build railroads and industries.
  • Revolution

    The terrorist wanted to kill all officials. General strikes spread to all of the large cities and some small. Workers became revolutionary governments. The main cause of the Revolution of 1905 was the Ramanov dynasty. They treated their citizens like slaves which is the whole reason this revolution started.