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Blaise Pascal

By smh6511
  • It Is A Boy!!!!!!!

    It Is A Boy!!!!!!!
    Blaise Pascal was born
  • Period: to

    Pascal's Lifetime

  • Moving Away!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moving Away!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pascal's family moves to Paris
  • Young Genius?????????

    Young Genius?????????
    Between the years 1633-1634,Pascal found out that the sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to 180 (2 right angles) at the age of 11-12.
  • Just at the age of 16!!!!!!!!!

    Just at the age of 16!!!!!!!!!
    At the age of 16 Pascal wrote a paper based on the Hexogram". Later on,this paper led to Pascal's Theorem
  • The First Calculating Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The First Calculating Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He made a calculating machine to help his father
  • Vacuuming Mercury!!!!!!!!!

    Vacuuming Mercury!!!!!!!!!
    Pascal did more expirements on his statement on vacuum (Which stated that everything created is a substance whether you see it or not). He discovered that vacuum fills up the space, in a barometer, that is not already covered by mercury and that the vacuum keeps the mercury floating.
  • Attack!!!!!!!!!

    Pascal got a paralytic attack and got crutches and serious pain
  • Tragity Affects Pascal's Health??????????

    Tragity Affects Pascal's Health??????????
    When his father died and his sister left him his health condition worsened
  • Presentation to Famous?????????

    Presentation to Famous?????????
    A presentation called the Traité du triangle arithmétique later on became known as Pascal's Triangle
  • Accident!!!!!!!!!!

    Due to a accident in which he could have died, he was affected mentally and religiously.
  • Illness!!!!!!!!!

    Pascal gets an illness that would soon lead to his death
  • Pascal Dies

    Pascal Dies
    Blaise Pascal died due to a illness