Black history month time line

  • Missouri compromise

    Missouri compromise
    in the year 1820 there was a effort of trying to balance the power of the congress refering slave states and free states. dred scott decided that congress didnt have the power to prohibit slavery in the territories.
  • civil war.

    civil war.
    War beetween northern and southern states because of slavery. The north ended up winning and slaves got set free. http://www.history.com/topics/american-civil-war
  • Period: to

    the civil war

    This is when thecivil war a war beetween the north and south broke out of slavery. This way lasted 4 years after the south surrenderd and agreed to comprimise on slavery.
  • 15th Amendment

    15th Amendment
    the 15th amendment of the constitution granted african americans the right to vote, only the men though because back in this time the didnt allow women to vote until the women rights act.
  • Jackie robinson

    Jackie robinson
    He was born on this date. He grew up to be the first black baseball player. He was hated for that alot but he also inspired alot of people to do what they want to do.
  • Emmett Till murder.

    Emmett Till murder.
    in 1944 a 14 year old boy was murderd by white men that were visiting there relatives. The trial for his aledged killers was an outrage. people say the case wasn't just about a young boy getting murderd it was the case commiting young people lifes to a social change. he got murderd because he was flirting with a white girl.
  • brown v. bored of education

    brown v. bored of education
    This was where people went to court to see if blacks and whites can go to school together. they decided too merge the two races. http://www.uscourts.gov/educational-resources/get-involved/federal-court-activities/brown-board-education-re-enactment/history.aspx
  • Little rock 9

    Little rock 9
    the little rock nine were a group of african american students enrolled in the little rock central High School in 1957
  • Rosa Park's bus boycot

    Rosa Park's bus boycot
    This is were a African american named rosa parks was tired of white men and women gettgins speaical priviliges just because they were white. instead of sitting in the back of the bus like she was expose too she went against the rules and sat i nthe front and was refusing to give up her spot. this incureged alot of afriacan americans to stand up for what they belive in.
  • Loving v. Virginia

    Loving v. Virginia
    This was about white man and a african american dating. Back in that time this was very impotant case. this was deciding the freedom to marry who ever you love.
  • Martin luther King assassination

    Martin luther King assassination
    This was the day that a famous african american got assassinated, Many where in shock and even surprised that it happend. He was stadning on his balcony ready to give his famous i had a dream speach at the Lorraine motel. he was pronounced dead at 7:05pm