Birth Control Throughout History

  • Period: to

    The Cult of Domesticity

  • Seneca Falls

    Seneca Falls
    Seneca Falls was a convention for women, where the Declaration of Sentiments was refined and voted on. This Declaration laid out a set of resolutions that women sought after.
  • Period: to

    Revolution of Women Through History

  • The New York Property Act is Passed

    The New York Property Act is Passed
    This changed the laws concerning a woman's property. Through the history before this, woman's property was legally owned by either her father or her husband.
  • First Birth Control Clinic

    First Birth Control Clinic
    Margaret Sanger opens the first Birth Control Center in Brooklyn New York.
    She is arrested for this.
  • Women Are Granted the Right to Vote

    Women Are Granted the Right to Vote
    After years of campaigning for this right, women are finally granted the ability to legally cast their votes in elections.
  • Equal Rights Amendment

    Equal Rights Amendment
    The equal rights amendment is introduced for the first time in to Congress. Although it is brought up in every Congressional session between 1923 and 1970, it is never passed to the floor of the Senate nor the House.
  • The Pill is FDA Approved

    The Pill is FDA Approved
    The first pill, Envoid, is approved by the FDA
  • Griswold v Conneticut

    Griswold v Conneticut
    This court case ultimately concludes that contraceptives are a constitutional right for married couples.
  • Margaret Sanger Dies

    Margaret Sanger Dies
  • Eisenstadt v Baird

    Eisenstadt v Baird
    This court case grants the constitutional right of birth control to unmarried couples.