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    Mother's Death

    Muhammad's mother died when he was only six.
  • Nov 5, 610

    Hearing God

    Muhhamad starts to hear and see messages from God.
  • Nov 6, 613


    Muhhamad decides to become a preacher after hearing all the messages from God.
  • Nov 8, 622


    Muhhamad moves from Mecca, to Medinah
  • Nov 9, 630


    Muhhamad's army invaded Mecca and took over it.
  • Nov 10, 632

    Muhhamad's Death

    Muhhamad dies with his teachings found all oveer the world.
  • Working

    Muhhamad worked as a trader since he was very poor.
  • Muhhamad Marrys

    He married a rich woman named Khadijah.
  • Death

    His wife then dies after he decides to become a preacher.