Biography by Joseph Conrad

By Anuket
  • Poland

    Joseph Conrad was born in Poland. He was of a aristocrat family.
  • Orphan

    Conrad was orphan with 12 years because yours parents died.
    Your mother died of tuberculosis and your father of causes unknown.
  • Mont Blanc

    Mont Blanc
    In 1875, Conrad travelled from Italy until Marseilles. The "Mont Blanc" is a ship of the century XVIII - XIX. In this boat, Conrad appreciated the sea and travel.
  • Port of Lowestoft (actually)

    Port of Lowestoft (actually)
    In 1878, the famous author went back an England behind a long absence.
  • Speak English

    Speak English
    Conrad learned speak in fluency English with twenty-three years.
    Shakespeare is considered the older author of language English.
  • Nationality Britisher

    Nationality Britisher
    Conrad get the nationality brithiser in 1886.
    The queen Victoy I, was a queen powerful (from there "the Victorian's Age).
  • Almayer's Folly

    Almayer's Folly
    In 1894, Conrad published your first novel, "Almayer's Folly".
  • USA

    Conrad went back to USA because at he loved travel him.
  • Corcega

    Joseph Conrad went back there before little time of your death.
  • United Kingdom/ England

    United Kingdom/ England
    He died in England