Billy Elliot

  • Ballet

    Billy discovers Ballet during Boxing
  • Decision/Secrecy

    Billy decides to have Ballet instead of Boxing - and he does this secretly for the money meant for boxing.
  • Reveal

    Billys dad Jackie finds out that Billy is dancing Ballet instead of Boxing.
  • London

    Miss Wilkinson wants Billy to have private lessons, so he go to London - Royal Ballet School casting. But they do that without the father knowing.
  • Billys Brother

    Billys brother gets arrested during a demonstration for the Miner-strike. It comes in the way of Billy going to the Ballet-audition.
  • Out in the Open

    Miss Wilkinson comes to their house, to find out why Billy didn't show up, and ends of trying to convince Billys famly on letting him dance, because he's great at it.
  • Christmas

    Billy's family has a poor Christmas. Billy meets with Michael, and they go to the Boxing Gym, and starts dancing. Billys father finds them, and Billy stops for while, but then continue.
  • Acceptance

    Billys dad starts to accept his Ballet, and thinks he has potential. He talks with Mrs. Wilkinson, and doesn't want her help, he wants to pay for the school himself. He wants to get back to work and dissapoints the strike, his co-workers and his oldest son, but his son stops him. Instead he sells their mothers jewelry.
  • Audition

    Billy goes to the Audition with his dad. And is confronted wih the kids at the Royal Ballet School. He is rebellios, and due to the pressure, hits a boy. He dances ballet way differently than normal standards, but in the end he reaches the teachers, by explaining how it feels when he dances.
  • The Letter

    The whole family is waiting on the letter from the School. Billy gets accepted - and leaves for London!
  • The Future

    Billy dances as the lead male role in the Swan Lake, and we see Billys dad and brother, who meets Michael and his supposedly boyfriend. Happy end!