Bill's timeline

By billwo
  • Born

    Wo Xiantong was born on 23rd May, 1976.
  • Studied at Wuhu

    I studied at Wuhu business school, the major was accounting.
  • Married

    WangYP and I was married at Tongling.
  • Emma's born.

    Our baby Emma was born at Nanling.
  • First point of my timeline

  • Emma and I went to Zhongkuang.

  • Hair cut in the afternoon after Emma's English class.

    Renming hair cut
  • Emma and mom bought two parrots on Sunday.

    Green and Blue.
  • Had dinner at Fujingyuan of Shun'an.

    I was drunk.
  • We went to Hangzhou.

  • We went to Taiji Cavity.

  • ML in the evening at home. 10:00pm