Bill of RIghts

  • Amendment #1

    with the first amendment stating that i have freedom of religion, so i chose to be jewish instead of cathloic.
  • Amendment #2

    i have the right to own and carry a weapon.
  • Amendment #3

    i can tell soliders that they cannot barge into my home without my consemt.
  • Amendment #4

    the police may not run into my home without a search warrant
  • Amendment #5

    i dont have to admit to a crime unless infront of a grand jury.
  • Amendment #6

    i have the right to know what im being tried for.
  • Amendment #8

    i i were taken to jail i couldnt have a unreasonable bond
  • Amendment #9

    just because i commited a crime that wasnt in the amendments doesnt mean it isnt a crime
  • Amendment #10

    if the government doesnt have the power it needs it gives it to the states