Bill Gates

  • Will Gates

    William Henry Gates the 3rd is born in Seattle, to Willian enry Gates the 2nd and to Mary Gates, a schoolteacher.
  • Bill Gates in enrolled in Lakeside school.

    Bill is enrolled in an exclusive private school, where he befreinds Paul Allen, they ask Bill to create a computerized scedule for the school
  • Bill Gates enters Harvard

    Gates enters Harvard Law school, but then runs the university's computer science courses.
  • Gates and Allen make Microsoft

    Register Microsoft as a legit company.
  • Microsoft makes 1 million dollars

    Microsoft genrates 1 million dollars in sales.
  • Gates drops out

    Gates leaves harvard and sets up Microsoft
  • Microsoft starts to gain money.

    Microsoft sales exceed 1 million dollars in sales.
  • Microsft headquarters are relocated to Bellevue Washington

    The offices of Microsoft are relocated and moved to a different location
  • Bill Gates becomes a billionare

    Gates becomes the youngest billionare at the age of 31
  • Bill Gates become worlds richest man

    Gates's wealth grow to 12.79 billion dollars
  • Gates gets married

    Bill Gates marries French they have three children.
  • Bill Gates steps down s CEO

    Bill steps down as the CEO of microsoft.
  • Bill Gates is bestowes honorary knighthood

    Bill Gates is knighted in England......... ./
  • Gates loses his spot as the richest man in the world

    After being on top, Gates loses his spot to Warren Buffet and mexican telecom superstar Carlos Helu , but continues to give to his charity.
  • Bill Gates finally graduates ffrom Harvard School

    Bill finally graduates from ahrvard and gets a degree.