Bilingual Education in Puerto Rico

  • United States invades Puerto Rico

    Spain renounces dominion over Cuba, the Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam to the United States for $20 million.
  • Period: to

    Puertorican teachers must learn English

  • General John Eaton: first Education Commissioner of PR

    Subtituted by his assistant Victor Clark. They submitted the first school related laws. The first law authorized school districts to organize and to stablish public schools.
  • Dr. Eaton and Dr. Clark

    Second part of the law: defined the public school, the students rights and the school year. Also declared that school should be free.
  • Foraker Law

    Gives the Commissioner of Public Instruction great powers in the government
  • Period: to

    Maintenance of Spanish- Acquisition of English

    Espanish was going to be used in Elementary level with English as an especial subject. In the Secondary level all subjects in English plus Spanish as an especial subject.
  • Teachers sent to learn English in US

  • Period: to

    Dr. Ronald P. Falkner

    First to impose the teaching of English in all grades of the public schools.
  • Period: to

    Dr. Edwin G. Dexter: English only policy

  • 35,000 students

  • Health, Hygiene and Reading in Spanish.

  • Period: to

    Spanish 1-4 grades. Half English, half Spanish from 5-12

  • Period: to

    Juan B. Huyke

    Publishing of school material in Spanish is prohibited
  • Jose Padin: All elementary subjects in Spanish, English as a second language

  • Period: to

    Jose M. Gallardo

    Strengthening of English education
  • Dr. Mariano Villaronga

    Last Commissioner of Public Instruction named by a US president. Spanish as main language.
  • Dr. Efrain Sanchez Hidalgo: the teaching of English improved

  • Dr. Ramon Mellado Parson: Back to basics, Desarrollo de maestros bilingues

  • Hector Lopez Galarza: Spanish only

  • Professor Celeste Benitez

    Schoolwide Program
  • Spanish only Law is cancelled

  • Development of the Bilingual Citizen

  • Dr. Cesar Rey Hernandez

    "Proyecto de Renovacion Curricular" Revision of the Standards