Bilingual education in PR

  • Hispanic-american war

    Hispanic-american war
  • According to the policy preserves the Spanish and the English acquired

  • English is successful in its entirety

    35,000 students in all schools were impacted
  • Draft legislation makes it mandatory teaching in Spanish

  • First World War

    linguistic controversy continues
  • Huyke arrive at public instruction

    The commissioner gives more emphasis to English
  • The Great Depression

  • Gallardo bilingual program attempts to impose

    US president said the puertorrican did not learn english.
  • Dr. Mariano Villaronga ends bilingualism

    They decree of vernacular teaching at all levels in the public school.
  • Bilingual education law

    President Jonhnson sign this law.
  • Two bilinguals school

    implanted two bilingual schools by the Popular Democratic Party
  • Language problems

    84.834 identified students returning from the U.S., most with language problems.
  • Project teaching preschool Transitional Bilingual

    During the popular party was created this bilingual cultural project.
  • 4 projects of english as a second language approved

    Two for Metropolitan University and the two others for Sagrado corazon University.
  • Need for a Bilingual Education

    Bilingual projects are autochthonous again. The census has so advised.