Biko's 10 most important moments

  • Steve Biko was born

  • Biko became involved in NUSAS and later on he founded SASO

    NUSAS: National union of south african students
    SASO: south african studet's organazation
  • Founded the Black Counsciousness philosophy

  • He established rural clinics for black people

    Also he founded places where the could receive literature clases or learn practical skills
  • Biko was banned

    He was not allowed to have visitors, talk to more than a persona at the time, leave his hometown, etc
  • Biko was banned

    He wasn't allowed to leave his hometown, couldn't have visits, was not allowed to talk to more than one person at the time,etc
  • Biko was jailed

    HE was jailed for the fourth time without a trial
  • Biko died in jail

  • His Funeral

    attend to his funeral twenty thousand blacks and nearly a hndred whited, including poilitical represantatives of EEUU, France, Britain,Germany, etc
  • Justice

    Two goverments doctors were found guilty of not taking the proper care of Biko while he was in jail. Non of them spend time in prision