Betty White

  • Betty White's Birthday

    Betty White's Birthday
    Betty White was born on January 17, 2016 in Oak Park Illinois.
  • Debut

    Betty White made her first debut on television by singing songs from the opera "The Merry Widow"
  • The Betty White Show

    The Betty White Show
    In 1940 Betty White started i multiple shows, and started her own radio program simply called "The Betty Show"
  • First Marriage

    First Marriage
    Betty White married her first husband, Dick barker in 1945.
  • First Divorce

    First Divorce
    Betty White divorced her first husband, Dick Barker the same year she married him.
  • Second Marriage

    Second Marriage
    Soon After her divorce with Dick Barker, Betty White shared her second marriage with Lane Allen in 1947.
  • Divorced Again

    Divorced Again
    After a short 2 years Betty White and Lane Allen get a divorce.
  • Bandy Productions

    Bandy Productions
    In 1952 Betty White founded her own company called "Bandy Productions."
  • Regional(LA) Emmy Award

    Regional(LA) Emmy Award
    Betty White won the regional(LA) Emmy award in 1952 for an outstanding female personality.
  • Password

    Betty White co-hosted a gameshow called "Password" alongside Allen Ludden.
  • Third Time's the Charm

    Third Time's the Charm
    In 1963, Betty White gets married for the third and final time to Allen Ludden, her co-host on the popular game show password.
  • Death of a Loved One

    Death of a Loved One
    Betty White's lost her third husband just days before their 18th wedding anniversary. Allen Ludden died at the age of 63 due to stomach cancer.
  • The Golden Girls

    The  Golden Girls
    In 1985, Betty White stared in the show she is most famous for, The Golden Girls.
  • American Comedy Awards

    American Comedy Awards
    Betty White recieved an American Comedy Award as the funniest female preformer in a TV series. She won the same award in the years 1990 and 2000.
  • Viewers for Quality Television Award

    Viewers for Quality Television Award
    Betty White won the Viewers for Quality Television Award in 1987 and 1988 for best actress in a comedy series.
  • Humane Award

    Humane Award
    The American Veterinary Medical Association awarded White with its Humane Award in 1987 for her charitable work with animals.
  • Saturday Night Live

    Saturday Night Live
    In 2010, Betty White became the oldest host of Saturday Night Live at the age of 88.
  • Guinnes Book of World Records

    Guinnes Book of World Records
    Betty White was placed in the Guinnes Book of World Records in 2014 for "longest TV career for an entertainer(female)
  • People's Choice Award

    People's Choice Award
    Betty White won the People's Choice Award in 2015 for favourite TV icon.