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Benjamin Franklin timline

By tykelly
  • Printing Press

    Printing Press
    At this time benjamins brother James started a paper called the England Courant.
  • Anonymous Artical

    Anonymous Artical
    Sometime later a anonymous Artical started appearing in the office on the floor, from being slipped under the door.
  • Still Anonymous

    Still Anonymous
    Ben still wrote his anonymous artical till it was aproved by the people that worked for ben's brother. It was finally appoved for the artical.
  • Jail bird

    Jail bird
    Some time later Bens brother went to jail, he was told not to write like that and still did so he did a month in jail. Ben spoke for the council and he was dismised, mostly because he thought he did not satify them
  • Ben takes over

    Ben takes over
    While ben's brother was in jail, Ben took over. he did many little things to help the paper. while his brother liked all this, many other peopl did not. Then when James got out of jail an order of the house asked him not to write the paper anymore.
  • Freedom

    While Ben and his brother go in an arguement, Ben desided to go with his freedom, so ben desided to leave, and when James caught wind of this he made sure he would not another job at a printint press.
  • New York

    New York
    Ben sold books to raise money so he could get on a ship. In three days he found himself in the city of New York.
  • The new paper

    The new paper
    After Ben moved he eventually he found another job at a printing press, things went a little rough at first bet they got better.
  • Met his reading

    Met his reading
    He later made a book about all peple and how they do things, like eat, drink, also about industy moderation and things like that.
  • The end

    The end
    Ben eventaully quits his writing because he could no longer write. Because he eventually passes away.