Benjamin Franklin

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  • Birth

    On the 17th of January 1706, Benjamin Franklin is born to Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. Benjamin was the 10th child out of 17.
  • Becomes an apprentice to his brother

    Josiah sends Franklin to work with his older brother, James. And when they had finished composing the newspapers and pamphlets, Benjamin would go out on the streets and sell them. One of Franklin’s highlights was when Blackbeard the pirate was captured in 1718, Franklin jotted down an article using the pseudonym, Silence Dogood.
  • Becomes a vegetarian

    Benjamin Franklin becomes a vegetarian since meat was expensive, and with the spare money he could use it to buy books, which he did.
  • Franklin Runs Away From Boston

    Even though escaping or leaving your familywas illegal at the time, Benjamin was sick and tired of being harassed by his brother, especially since his brother was mad and jealous that while James was in jail, he continued the business and made all the money. So Franklin ran away to New York, then went straight to Philadelphia, we’re he was lodging with John Read and his family.
  • Borrows Loans and starts buisness

    Benjamin Franklin borrowed a loan from Thomas Denham and started his own newspaper business.
  • Pleurisy

    Benjamin Franklin suffers from a pleurisy attack at the age of 21.
  • Francis Folger

    Birth of his son, Francis Folger
  • Period: to


    During this time, Benjamin Franklin attended Boston Latin School. Franklin’s father, Josiah Franklin sent him to school with the hopes of Benjamin becoming a clergy. But, even though young Ben was doing an outstanding job at school, his father could only afford for Ben to attend school for one year, due to being very poor. And since Benjamin could only attended school for one year, he would not be able to become a clergy as clergymen need severalyears of experience.