Benjamin Button Life Story

  • Benjamin's Born

    Appparent Age: 70
    Actual Age: Few Hours
    Benjamin is born in a hospital, with the appearance and the life experience of an elderly man. He is extremely dissapointed about the choice of food availble to him: "I asked for something to eat . . . and they brought me a bottle of milk!"
  • Benjamin's 1st Day of School

    Apparent Age: 65
    Actual Age: 5
    Benjamin's few days at school weren't like others. While at school he was to entertain himself with: "the ar of pasting green paper on orange paper...weaving colored mats...manufacturing endless cardboard necklaces" During these activities, he would periodically fall asleep--conscerning hte teacher forcing him to be sent home, because "...[the parents] felt he was to young."
  • Benjamin goes to College

    Apparent Age: 52
    Actual Age: 18
    After registering for his Freshman year at Yale, Benjamin is met in the registrar's office. Benjamin, five minutes before walking in the office, discovered that his hair needed a new application of brown dye. The registrar notices Benjamin's diffrences and kicks him out of Yale.
  • Benjamin's First Day on the Job

    Apparent Age: 50
    Actual Age: 20
    On Benjamin's twentith birthday, he goes to work for his father in Roger Button & Co. This is also the start of his "...going out socially."
  • Benjamin meets Future Wife

    Apparent Age: 49
    Actual Age: 21
    Benjamin and his father, Roger, went out for a night on the town, when he sees the young, slender Hildegarde Moncrief. Bejamin falls head-over-heels for her. "..rigor passed over him, blood rose in his cheeks, his forehead, and there was a steady thumping in his ears."
  • Benjamin Annouces the Engagment of him and Hildegarde Moncrief

    Apparent Age: 49
    Actual Age: 21
    After six months, the notice of Bejamin's engagment is made known. But not all were happy about this, his future father-in-law said, "it [is] criminal for a lovely girl who could have married any beau in Baltimore to throw herself into the arms of a man who was assuredly fifty."
  • Benjamin's Son is Born

    Apparent Age: 47
    Actual Age: 22
    Roscoe Button is born.
  • Benjamin Recieves his Father's Buisness

    Apparent Age: 36
    Actual Age:
  • Benjamin Joins the Army

    Apparent Age: 35
    Actual Age: 36
    "After the outbreak of the Spanish-American War... He optained commition as captain and proved so adaptable to the work that he was major, and finally a lieutenant-colonel."
  • Benjamin Enters Harvard

    Apparent Age: about 18
    Actual Age: 52
    After trying out for the football team, Benjamin excels, beating Yale University.
  • Benjamin goes to Kindergarten

    Apparent Age: 6
    Actual Age: 60's
    Benjamin goes to school with his grandson. After three years of Kindergarten, he is pulled out for he couldn't understand the purpose.
  • Benjamin's World Fades

    Apparent Age: 1 or 2
    Actual Age:almost 70
    "Then is was dark, and his white crib and the dim faces that moved above him, and the warm sweet aroma of the milk, faded out alltogether from his mind."