Benjamin Button

  • Benjamin Is born

    Real age: a few minutes old
    Apparent age: 70 Benjamin is born looking like a 70 year old man. He also has the mind and knowledge of a man of that age. He knows how to talk, walk, and he even undestands that he was just born. " 'I can't tell you exactly who I am,'replied the querulous whine, 'because I've only been born a few hours-but my last nameis certainly Button' "
  • Benjamin's first day of school

    Real age: 5
    Apperent age: 65 Benjamin is sent off to his first day of Kindergarden much to his dissapiont ment. He finds he cannot focus in class do to the lack of intilectual pursuits and he falls asleep rregularly. He evntually gets taken out because of his complaining teacher. "When he was five he was sent to kindergarten, where he was initiated into the art of pasting green papaer on orange paper, of weaving colored maps and manufacturing eternal cardboard necklaces."
  • Benjamin relizes he has grown up

    Real age: 12
    Apperent age: 58 Benjamin has just relized he is getting younger, even though he still feels and acts like an old man. When he realizes this he asks for long pants, and even was reading medical journals, along with futhering his habit with smoking. "he went to his father. 'I am grown,' he announced determinedly."
  • Benjamin's Yale Trip

    Real age: 18
    Apperent age: 52 Benjamin has had his first college interview. Only it was to bad that the interviewer ask him to leave on account of his looking to old. On top of that he was also laughed at and run out of town by the students, and even some of the faculty. Some even called him a lunatic. "Mr. Hart opened the door. 'The idea!' he shouted. "A man of your age trying to enter here as a freshman . . ."
  • Benjamin meets his wife

    Real age: 20
    Apperent age: 50
    Benjamin finally goes out with his father to a party. he find what will be his soon bride to be. But a problem arises when she asks if he and his father are brothers and all Benjamin can do is nod and say yes. good thing she is into men around his apperent age! "Iv'e always said,' went on Hildegard, 'That I'd rather marry a man of fifty and be taken care of then marry a man of thirty and take care of him."
  • Benjamin gets engaged and married

    Real age: 20
    Apperent age:50 Benjamin Button is now engaged to Miss Hidegarde Moncrief. Much gossip is told about Benjamin though and he is now know as the "Mystery Man of Maryland." But General Moncrief does not approve of the match up between his dautgher and the ever changing man. "So many of the stories about her fiancé were false that Hildegarde refused stubbornly to believe even the true one."
  • Benjamins son is born

    Real age: 25
    Apperent age:45 Benjamin has just been blessed with a little boy who he trys to spend time with but sadly neglects. Roscoe is not the same as his father in the respect that he does not change age backwards. "At the time Hildegarde was a woman of thirty-five, with a son Roscoe, fourteen years old."
  • Period: to

    Benjamin is in the war

    Real age: 37-40
    Apperent age: 27-30 Benjamin has grown tierd of being at home with his wife and son. So in search of some excitement he gose and join the army in the Spanish- American war. He started off as a captain then grew to lieutenant-colonel. When he came he was given a heros welcome. "Benjamin had become so attached to the activity and attention of army life that he regretted to give it up . . ."
  • Benjamin goes back to college

    Real age: 49
    Apperent age: 20 Benjamin now goes out to try for Harvard. He became the star on the football tam freshman year, but every year sence he grew younger he had to eventually step off the team. But he did beat Yale in football and was kept on the team to inspire fear in the hearts of those boys. "Strange to say, in his thrid or junior year he was scarcely able to 'make' th team."
  • Benjamin rejoins the army

    Real age: 57
    Apperent age: 14 Benjamin has once again tryed to rejoin the army, but people start to doubt him because he looks like a 14 year old. As soon as he gets to camp he is met with retaliation and then expultion and is brought home in tears. "Where are you goin with the general's duds, sonny?'
  • Benjamin goes back to kindergarden

    Real age: 65
    Apperent age 5 Bdnjamin is sent back to kindergater one last time with his son's son. But this time is he enjoys it and is happy to go and play with paper and glue. "but for the most part there were gay hours in the cheerful room . . ."
  • Benjamin dies

    Real age: 68
    Apperent age: newborn Benjamin has regressed to the piont of no return. He lives a liofe of bliss in the nursery but does not know how to say words, talk, or eat by him self. He ha turned into a baby which was the final step in the age prosses. "Then it was dark, and his white criband dim faces that moved above him, and the warm sweet aroma of the milk, faded out altogether from hs mind."