Beginnings of the SLP Profession

  • Gall

    First to describe children with poor understanding and use of speech and to differentiate them from those with intellectual disability (ID).
  • Period: to

    Expanding and Refining

    Gall identified what was thought to be similar to the aphasia's these neurologists were studying in adults. Language learning and disorders, and neurologists dominated this field. Attention was focused on the physiological side of language.
  • Broca

    Many great discoveries made about the brain and language. Broca's area in Frontal Lobe.
  • Wernicke

    Shortly after Broca, Wernicke discovered language comprehension and formulation area in Temporal Lobe.
  • Period: to

    Advances in Techniques for Deaf Individuals

    Several educators of the Deaf developed techniques for teaching language to those who could not speak or hear. Ewing (1930), McGinnis, Kleffner, and Goldstein (1956), Myklebust (1954, 1971)
  • Samuel T. Orton

    Samuel T. Orton
    Known as father of modern practice of child language disorders.
  • Gesell and Amatruda

    Gesell and Amatruda
    Pioneers in developmetal pediatrics, developed innovative techniques for evaluating language development and recognized the condition the deemed "infantile aphasia."
  • Morley

    Applied information on normal language development to treating children with language disorders. First to push the role of the SLP as a speech therapist.
  • Chomsky

    Chomsky's theory of transformative grammar makes an explosion in the SLP and linguistic communities, and leads to a massive amount of research being done on child language acquisition.
  • Period: to


    SLP has grown into many different branches and fields of expertise, some include child language, adult disorders, TBI, swallowing therapy, DLD, ect.
  • Period: to


    Provides fullest descriptions of children of DLD, makes it separate from other syndromes.
  • McGinnis

    Develops "association method" for teaching language to "aphasic" children.
  • Language Disorder

    Aram and Nation (1982) deal with Language Development and Disorder outside of larger syndrome such as Deafness, ect.