Beginig of Earth

  • Elements(4.6 billion years ago)

    Elements(4.6 billion years ago)
    Helium and hydrogen when combined together with dust make a nebula.
  • Nebula (4.4 billion years ago )

    Nebula (4.4 billion years ago )
    Nebula is where plants and solar systems are able to form with the perfect condition.
  • The Big Bang

    The Big Bang
    the theory that the universe began with an explotion of a dense mass of matter and is still expanding from the force of the explotion.
  • Earth's mutation form

    Earth's mutation form
    When the big bang had exploded , diffrent temperatures and climate changed which led a mutation that foced earth to adapt.
  • Earth/Solar system

    Earth/Solar system
    earth revolves around the sun and the solar system.
  • Earth's Solid form

    Earth's Solid form
    Working groups that are proven that the Earth is solid is by showing tectonic plates shifting, coasts eroding, and volcanic eruptions.
  • oxygen levels rise

     oxygen levels rise
    -rise in the concentration of oxygen molecules stops the deposition of uraninites (since they are soluble when combined with oxygen) and starts the depoition of banded iron formations. -The last reserves of reduced iron are used up by the increasing atmospheric oxygen-last banded iron formations
  • Cells

    -eukaryotic cell organisms develop
    -rise of multicellular organisms
  • Dinosaurs

    Cambrian expolsion of hard bodied organisms.
  • Fossils

    Fossils of ediacaran organsims are made
  • Fossils

    Fossilization of the burgress shale and fossilization of the chengjiang site.
  • Mat animals evolved

    Mat animals evolved
    k-t boundary--extinction of the dinosaurs. New animals start to form after the exctinction of dinosaurs such as primates and more like prosimians.
  • Modern Humans Arouse

    Modern Humans Arouse
    Common ancestor of all primates probably arose before the mass exctinction that closed the Cretadeous period 65 million years ago.
  • Hominid

    Species have been classified into two groups: Australopithecus and Homo. Australopithecus have been living for 3 to 4 million years ago.