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  • Justin Drew Bieber Mallette

    Justin Drew Bieber Mallette
    Born in Canada, Ontario at 12:58:06
  • 3 YEARS

    3 YEARS
    He began to have a taste for music; piano guitar
  • 9 YEARS

    9 YEARS
    It was presented outside the AVON THEATER
  • 12 YEARS

    12 YEARS
    He entered a singing contest in Stratford, finishing second. His mother uploaded the video of the performance to his family on YouTube, and progressively added more videos of his son's performances.
  • 14 YEARS

    14 YEARS
    The Kidrauhl channel caught the attention of USHER and he decided to collaborate with him
  • 15 YEARS

    15 YEARS
    He created his "Justin Bieber" channel with Usher and made his first song-video ONE TIME
  • 15 YEARS

    15 YEARS
    He decided to upload a song called "One less lonely girl"
  • 15 YEARS

    15 YEARS
    He uploaded a song called "Baby" which was heard by millions of people and where he decided to start a tour
  • 16 years

    16 years
    Began to have a relationship with Selena Gomez
  • 17 YEARS

    17 YEARS
    He released his second studio album titled Under the Mistletoe and begins recording a third album: Believe, he was the youngest singer with five albums at No. 1 in the United States.
  • 19 YEARS

    19 YEARS
    Justin Bieber was arrested by Miami police for racing in a rented Lamborghini car and resisting authority. After paying $ 2,500 bail, he was released, the singer s left a nightclub located on Lincoln Road in the state of Florida and was also apparently under the influence of some drug
  • 19 YEARS

    19 YEARS
    Lanzo grandes temas "All That Matters", Heartbreaker", "Confident"
  • 22 YEARS

    22 YEARS
    He decides to take a break from his musical life):
  • 24 YEARS

    24 YEARS
    Announces his wedding to Hailey Baldwin
  • 25 YEARS

    25 YEARS
    He marries the church with all his family, friends):
  • 25 YEARS

    25 YEARS
    He launches his song called "YUMMY" and announces the diseases, problems he has and succeeds
  • 25 YEARS

    25 YEARS
    Launches his album called "Changes" after 5 years of retiring giving "the best gifts to the BELIBERS"
  • 26 YEARS

    26 YEARS
    Announces his "Changes" tour