• Beethoven's Birth

    Beethoven's Birth
    Beethoven was born to parents Maria Magdalena Beethoven and Johann Beethoven
  • Beethoven is Chirstened

    Beethoven is Chirstened
    Beethoven is christened in the church of st. Remigus
  • Starts Playing Music

    Starts Playing Music
    Starts playing music, with his father as his teacher.
  • First Public Performance

    First Public Performance
    First public performance at age 8
  • First Publication

    First Publication
    first publication
  • Beethoven's Mother Dies

    Beethoven's Mother Dies
    While he was in Vienna, Beethoven received a message from his father telling him his mother was very ill. She died at age 40.
  • Joseph Hadyn

    Joseph Hadyn
    Hadyn comes to Bonn
  • Goes To Vienna

    Goes To Vienna
    Growing tired of Bonn, Beethoven moves to Vienna.
  • First Public Performance

    First Public Performance
    Beethoven played several performances for several different people in Vienna. This one was his first.
  • Hearing Problems

    Hearing Problems
    Beethoven starts to get deaf, which makes composing music harder.
  • Fidelio First Performed

    Fidelio First Performed
    This was Beethoven's first and only opera. At first it was a failure because of its length, but it was later sucessfully revised.
  • Beethoven's 5th Symphony

    Beethoven's 5th Symphony
    Beethoven's 5th Symphony first performed
  • Beethovens' Ninth

    Beethovens' Ninth
    Totally deaf, Beethoven conducted his Ninth Symphony and Solemn Mass.
  • Beethoven's Nephew Attempts Suicide

    Beethoven's Nephew Attempts Suicide
    Beethoven loved his adopted nephew, Karl, but Karl did not enjoy his uncle's care, and would often disobey him by playing cards. One day, Karl bought a pistol, went up a hill and attempted to shoot himself. His mother suggested sending him to the army, where he lived until 1858.
  • Death

    Beethoven died after a long illness including pneumonia.