Beautiful Redemption, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, 297 pg. (CV)

By Cicali
  • pg. 1-70

    After Ethan jumped off the water tower in the last book, in order to restore the New Order, he finds himself in between worlds. He's dead, but not in heaven. he sees his mother again, and they reunite, but Ethan still wants to get back home to his girlfriend and family. He learns how to jump worlds, lets Lena know he's there and decides to create a crossword puzzle in the local newspaper to get messages across. Total (98)
  • 71-108

    Ethan learns that there is a way to get back to his old life, and not die. All he has to do is face the Far Keep, the "balancers" of the caster and mortal worlds and find the Caster Chronicles and rip his page out, the page that had been written unfairly into the book. He needs two river stones, and he will meet the gate keeper. He sends another message to Lena for one of her charms and he recieves it. He meets the greats who give him a very helpful crow. Total (108)
  • 109-136

    Ethan gets past the river master, by playing Black Jack and winning, as well as paying, and continues on to get past the gate keeper. However, in order to get past the gate keeper, he has to trade the Book of Moons, one of the most powerful books in either the Mortal, Caster, or Otherworlds. he sends another message to Lena asking her to get the book, there are many dangers though. Total (136)
  • pg. 138-222

    Lena gets the message to get the Book of Moons, but the most powerful Dark Caster currently has it, and he doesn't want to give it up. John, an incubus, decides to trade himself for the Book and meet Abraham. They meet, but Abraham has other ideas. He attacks them with dark magic and Link rips throughspace and kills Abraham with sheers. Amma then asks the Greats to take the book to Ethan. Total (222)
  • pg. 223-291

    Ethan trades the Book, beats a maze through the Far Keep and battles the second most powerful dark caster, Sarafine, but she sets herself on fire claiming that it was so Ethan could destroy Angelus, one of the Keepers. Ethan makes it to the Keepers and the gate keeper proposes a challenge, Ethan must defeat Angelus to gethis page. Which he does, by luck. He makes it back to the "alive" world and watches as Amma takes her life.Ethan still finds Lena and they move on. Total (291)