Beatrix Potter

By imariag
  • birthdate

    Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866 in the city of London (England).
  • First publication of "Peter Rabbit"

    First publication of "Peter Rabbit"
    The young Beatrix created stories that were materialized in book for the first time in 1901 with "Peter Rabbit" (1901), also published in Spanish as "El Cuento De Pedro, El Conejo" and "Pedrito, El Conejo Travieso", and with illustrations by the author herself.
  • First love

    She falls in love with Norman Warne The two were about to marry despite opposition from Beatrix's parents. At this time he published "The Tale of the Benjamin Bunny" "The Tale Of The Two Evil Mice"
  • Period: to

    Very creative stage

    Very fruitful stage where Beatrix publishes numerous stories in the line of the previous ones
    "The Tale of Mrs. Bigarilla" (1905) "The Tale of the Cake and the Pan" (1905)"The Tale of Mr. Jeremiah Fisherman" (1906) "The Tale of a Fierce Rabbit" (1906)"The Tale of Miss Minina" (1906) "The Tale of the Cat Thomas" (1907)"The Tale of Jemima Pata-de-Charco" (1908) "The Tale of Samuel Whiskers" (1908)"The Tale of the Fluff Bunnies" (1909) "The Tale of Gingerbread and Gherkins" (1909)
  • marriage

    With 47 years of age, Beatrix, who in addition to short stories wrote poetry, married the lawyer William Heelis, who helped her in the purchase of farms and in definitively establishing her life as a farmer. His life took a turn. From this period he became passionate about sheep farming and devoted his fortune to protecting nature. He bought land which he would later cede to the National Trust. She was a pioneer in ecological thinking.
  • death

    He died of pneumonia on 22 December 1943 in the village of Near Sawrey, Cumbria, leaving William Heelis a widower.