Battles of WW2

  • Battle of France

    Battle of France
    In World War II, the Battle of France was the German invasion of France and the Low Countries, executed 10 May 1940, which ended the Phony War. German armored units pushed through the Ardennes, outflanking the Maginot Line and unhinging the Allied defenders.
  • Battle of Dunkirk

    Battle of Dunkirk
    Dunkirk involved a last-minute rescue of over 300,000 Allied soldiers who were trapped by the Nazis near the beaches of Dunkirk, France, in the summer of 1940.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The surprise attack by some Japanese aircraft sunk or badly damaged eighteen Us naval vessels, including eight battleships, destroyed or damaged 300 US aircraft, and killed 2,403 men.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad
    Stalingrad was one of the most decisive battles on the Eastern Front in the Second World War. The battle is infamous as one of the largest, longest, bloodiest engagements in modern warfare.
  • Battle of Kursk

    Battle of Kursk
    The Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle in history, involving some 6,000 tanks, 2,000,000 troops, and 4,000 aircraft. It marked the decisive end of the German offensive capability on the Eastern Front and cleared the way for the great Soviet offensives of 1944-45.
  • Warsaw Uprising

    Warsaw Uprising
    The Warsaw ghetto uprising was a violent revolt that occurred from April 19 to May 16, 1943, during World War II. Residents of the Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Warsaw, Poland, staged the armed revolt to prevent deportations to Nazi-run extermination camps.
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    Battle of Iwo Jima
    U.S. Marines invaded Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945, after months of naval and air bombardment. Approximately 70,000 U.S. Marines and 18,000 Japanese soldiers took part in the battle.
  • Battle of Okinawa

    Battle of Okinawa
    The Battle of Okinawa, which began 75 years ago, was the last major battle of World War II, and the bloodiest of the Pacific campaign. By the time Okinawa was secured by American forces on June 22, 1945, the United States had sustained over 49,000 casualties including more than 12,500 men killed or missing.