Baroque Time Period

  • Period: to

    Early Baroque Period

  • Francesco Cavalli

    Francesco Cavalli
    He was born on February, 14, 1602 and died January, 14, 1676. He was an Italian music composer, he was popular in the opera department. He had famous works for example was Giasone and The Marriage of Thetis and Peleus.
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu takes the title of Shogun

    Tokugawa Ieyasu takes the title of Shogun
    Ieyasu takes the title of Shogun and begins the Edo time period
  • Telescope Invented

    Telescope Invented
    On 1608, the telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey.
  • The Earliest Submarine Invented

    The Earliest Submarine Invented
    The first version of the submarine was invented on 1620 by Cornelis Drebbel
  • The Jamestown Massacre

    The Jamestown Massacre
    The Jamestown massacre happened in the year of 1622 and 347 people died that day.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully

    Jean-Baptiste Lully
    He was born November 28th, 1632 and died March, 22nd, 1687. He was an Italian born French compose and worked in the court of King Louis XIV of France he mainly composed theatre music and a bit of sacred music. His famous works include "Le Mariage Force", "Pastorial Comique" and his best work "Plaude Laetare Gallia".
  • Period: to

    Middle Baroque Time Period

  • First Adding Machine Invented

    First Adding Machine Invented
    The first adding machine was invented on 1642 by Blaise Pascal
  • Manchu takes over China

    Manchu takes over China
    The Manchu take over China and begins the Qing Dynasty
  • Johann Pachelbel

    Johann Pachelbel
    He was born September, 1st, 1653 and died March, 9th, 1706. He was a German composer and renown organist and music teacher. His major works consisted of Hexachordum Apollo which has 6 arias based around original secular themes, and Musicalishe Ergotzung, it has a chamber music with 6 suites for 2 violins and a basso continuo.
  • Pendulum Clock Invented

    Pendulum Clock Invented
    The first pendulum clock was invented by Christian Huygens on 1656
  • Henry Purcell

    Henry Purcell
    He was born September, 10th, 1659 and died November, 21st, 1695. He was an English Composer and is considered one of the greatest composers of all time. His most famous compositions was Come Ye Sons of Art, which was an ode to the birthday of Queen Mary. He also composed the funeral music for Queen Mary, which was also used for his funeral.
  • Russo-Turkish War

    Russo-Turkish War
    The Ottoman Empire and Russia begin the Russo-Turkish War.
  • Period: to

    Late Baroque Time Period

  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach
    He was born on March, 31st, 1685 and died July, 28, 1750. He is known for the Brandenburg Concertos and Goldberg Variations
  • Domenico Scarlatti

    Domenico Scarlatti
    He was born October 26, 1685 and died July 23rd, 1757. He was an Italian composer and played for the Royals. He has a famous piece called Narisco and it consists of 500 harpsicord sonatas that involved a gypsy and modern dance rhythms.
  • Bill of Rights

    Bill of Rights
    On 1689 the Bill of Rights was written.
  • Steam Pump Invented

    Steam Pump Invented
    On 1698 the first steam pump was invented by Thomas Savery
  • First shipment of Coffee reaches Amsterdam

    First shipment of Coffee reaches Amsterdam
    The first shipment of coffee from Java was shipped to Amsterdam on 1712
  • Diving Bell Invented

    Diving Bell Invented
    On 1717 the diving bell was invented by Edmond Halley