Baron Charles de Montesquieu

  • Period: to

    England's Glorius Revolution - influences Montesquieu

  • Birth

    Born in La Brede, France, to a wealthy family
  • Period: to


  • Union of 1707-England and Scotland join

    This greatly influenced Montequieu, he referred to it in his works
  • Married Jeanne de Lartegue

  • Persian Letters Published

  • "The Spirit of the Laws" Published

    Originally published anyonymously, this document had a great impact on the US political system and its Constitution.
  • Death

    Died of a fever in 1755
  • Common Sense by Paine-Montesquieu influenced this

  • US Consitution Written- Montesquieu influenced this

    Montesquieu influenced this document because of his work, "The Spirit of the Laws."