Balloon Debate

  • Birth

    Mark was born on May 14 1984,State of New York, USA
  • Family

    He has 3 sisters and was raised Jewish.
  • Harvard University

    Harvard University
    He rejected a 95000 dollars per year job and decided to go to Harvard University.
  • Founded the Facebook

    Founded the Facebook
    He founded the Facebook with two friends.
  • Stopped his study

    At the end of 2004, he stopped his study of Harvard and spent whole time on running the website.
  • Announced Facebook Platform

    Announced Facebook Platform
    On May 24 2007, he announced Facebook Platform.
  • Named Person of the Year

    Named Person of the Year
    In 2011, he was named Time magazine's Person of the Year
  • Fiancee Priscilla Chan

    Fiancee Priscilla Chan
    On September 2010, his fiancee Priscilla Chan was known.
  • Studied Chinese

    He studied Chinese everyday in preparation to visit China in December 2010.
  • Youngest and richest billionaire

    He was the youngest and richest billionaire and owned 4 billion dollars at least.
  • Forbes No.52

    He is No.52 of the richest person in the world.---<<Forbes>>