Bali Boy

  • Found and Arrested

    A 14 year old Australian boy is found in the streets of Denpasar with a relevtively small amount of Marijuana while on a holiday with his family. He was then arrested under the country's anti-drug laws and is sent to the Kerobokan prison.
  • Period: to

    In Kerobokan Prison

    The Bali boy is held in prison for this period of time
  • Moved from Prison

    The Bali boy is moved from Kerobokan prison to an Immigration Detention centre.
  • Period: to

    Detained in Bali

    Bali Boy lives in the Detention Center
  • Trials Commence

    The Bali boy's trial has commenced. The fourteen year old breaks down and cries. The boy's defence team had argued he should be released immediately under a new law, article 128.2, that allowed juveniles to be released without charge if they were a regular drug user and had previously sought treatment.
  • Trials have been adjourned

    The Bali boy's trials have been adjourned until next friday, the 11th of November when the verdict is expected.
  • Trials are Postponed

    The Bali Boy's Trials are being postponed, and there are rumors of the family making deals with television stations in reguards to selling their story for $200,000
  • The verdict is set

    The teen was found guilty, and will continue to serve 8 or 9 days in the Immigration Center. He was given a two month sentence, but seing as he had already served most of it, he is free to go home in time for christmas. He was also fined 2000 rupiah, which is 23 australian cents.
  • Period: to

    Kerobokan Prison

    He is taken to the Kerobokan prison and spends the duration of the day there filling out paperwork.
  • He is Released

    The Bali boy is released, and free to come home.
    he Leaves Indonesia in the morning, and arrives in Australia in the late eveneing