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  • Oil Industry

    Oil Industry
    in 1863 Rockefeller set up an oil refinery in Ohio. He began producing products such as kerosine.
  • Period: to

    Growth of Industry

  • Transcontinal Railroad

    Transcontinal Railroad
    The route of the first transcontinental railroad.
  • First Practical and Modern Type-writer

    First Practical and Modern Type-writer
    Christopher Scholes invented the first practical and modern type-writer. This invention evolutionized the way people write and it led to the invention of a computer.
  • Invention of Barbed Wire

    Invention of Barbed Wire
    Joseph Glidden invents barbed wire. This invention affected society by keeping cattle in a boundary, and them easier to collect.
  • Invention of the Phonograph

    Invention of the Phonograph
    Thomas Edison invented the phonogrph. It change how people felt about music.
  • Invention of the Light Bulb

    Invention of the Light Bulb
    Thomas Alva Edison invented the lightbulb. This invention affected society by allowing people to work at night, without the use of fire.
  • Railroads Using Steel

    Railroads Using Steel
    railroads began using steel
  • Prohibiting Monopolies

    Prohibiting Monopolies
    Big businesses are now, no longer to have total control of a product with no competition.
  • Invention of the Tractor

    Invention of the Tractor
    John Froelich invented the tractor. This invention impacted society by making farmining easier.
  • More Track

    More Track
    more than 163,000 miles of track had been laid since 1863.
  • Iron Vs. Steel

    Iron Vs. Steel
    Andrew Carnegie discovered that iron wasn’t strong enough for the railroad. steel was needed to make the tracks stronger, but was too expensive to use, so Andrew had people invent a way to make steel cheaper.
  • Invention of Airplanes

    Invention of Airplanes
    Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the airplaine. This invention affected society by making it simple to get any where in the world, without having to travel by boat.