b-3 kathryn invention timeline

By Kyoitx
  • The car

    Nicolas-Josheph-Cugnot created the first car in France, it was steam powered.
    This invention hepled people travel, though the fisrt car designs were found in devinchi's sketchbooks this was the first man to build and self propelled steam power automobile.
  • The telephone

    Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell both invented the telephone. Ontario, canada. They did this because hey wanted a better way to communicate with each other, This helps socity today because we rely on the telephone to save lives to stop crimes to report things and just to talk with people a long ways away.
  • Lightbulb

    Thomas Edison invented the lighbulb though he went through hundreds of failures. he invented this in the U.S.A more specific, New Jersey. He invented this so people can see in the dark and work longer.
  • Electicity!

    We know Benjamin Franklin was the one who figured out to harness electricity but really about 100 years ago we had waterflls and water wheels that would create power and electritcity. But Benjamin Frankilin did his popular kite and key expirement in Pensilvania, He did this to make life easy and so we can cook and build things. This helps society because without elecrticity we would not have electronics and we would be working in the dark, electricity helps us build and do almost everything.
  • The Internet

    This date is constitering the launch of the sputnik satilite launch.
    The ARPA was told to reasearch new technology for the military.
    The ARPA established the first online network. The internet was first used for military then it came more common and normal people started having computers and internet.
  • Indoor pluming

    King Minos of Crete had the first flushing toilet recorded in history,
    this was over 2800 years ago around 785 B.C.
    King Minos was ruler and didnt want the smell through out his living area. Indoor pluming helps us in socity bacause of health, without indoor plumming our houses would be un-sanitary and we could get sick.
    and for social needs, you dont want a guest come over and smell a bad smell.