Amelia earheart

Aviators of the Past

  • Wilbur (The Wright Brothers)

    Wilbur (The Wright Brothers)
    Wilbur was one of the Wright Brothers. He was born on April 16, 1867. He died May 30, 1912. He helped his brother, Orville Wright, build and fly the first plane.
  • Orville (The Wright Brothers)

    Orville (The Wright Brothers)
    Orville was the other Wright Brother. Orville was born on August 19, 1871. He died on January 30, 1948. He helped his brother, Wilbur Wright, build and fly the first plane.
  • Alberto Santos-Dumont

    Alberto Santos-Dumont
    Alberto Santos-Dumont was born on July 20, 1873. He died on July 23, 1932. Alberto Santos-Dumont was best known as the "Father of Aviation"
  • William "Billy" Mitchell

    William "Billy" Mitchell
    William Mitchell was born on December 29, 1879. He died on February 19, 1936. He was also known as the "Father of the U.S. Air Force.
  • Thomas E. Selfridge

    Thomas E. Selfridge
    Thomas E. Selfridge was born on February 8,1882. He died on September 17,1908. Selfridge was best known as "The first air crash fatality"
  • Anthony Fokker

    Anthony Fokker
    Anthony Fokker was born on April 6, 1890. He died December 23, 1939. He was well-known aa "The Flying Duchman". He built WWI planes for Germany.
  • Katherine Stinson

    Katherine Stinson
    Katherine Stinson was born on February 14, 1891. She died July 8, 1977. She became the First Woman, Fourth Pilot to do the plane stunt "Loop to Loop"
  • Bessie Coleman

    Bessie Coleman
    Bessie Coleman was born on January 26, 1892. She died on April 30,1926 from long, horrible injury. She was the first African-American person to earn a pilot's license.
  • James Doolittle (World WarII)

    James Doolittle (World WarII)
    James Doolittle was born on December 14, 1896. He died on September 27, 1993. He was best known as The World War II (Bomber attack in Tokyo 1942)
  • Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart
    Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897, and born in Atchison, Kansas. Nobody knows what happened to her. She could have crashed into land, or the plane could have stopped working. She died, or got lost on July 2, 1937.
  • Willy Messerschmitt

    Willy Messerschmitt
    Wlly was born on June 26, 1898. He died on Spetember 15, 1978. He was well-known as 'The designer of Nazi, Germany's Bf-109 aircraft.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    Antoine de Saint-Exupery
    Antoine was born in July 29, 1900. He died on July 31, 1944.He was best known as The Author of "The Little Prince" But he was an author and aviator. He worked in Commercial Aviation.
  • Beryl Markham

    Beryl Markham
    Beryl Markham was born on October 26, 1902. She died on August 3, 1986. She was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic, east-west.
  • Howard Hughes

    Howard Hughes
    Howard Hughes was born on December 24, 1905
  • Douglas Corrigan

    Douglas Corrigan
    Douglas Corrigan was born on January 22, 1907. He died on December 9, 1995. He was known as The Flier Who "accedintaly Crossed The Atlantic Ocean.
  • Elinor Smith

    Elinor Smith
    Elinor Smith was born in August 17, 1911. She died in March 19, 2000.Best known as "The youngest Aviator"
  • Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington

    Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington
    Gregory Boyington was born on December 4, 1912. He died on January 11, 1988. Grogory became on famous during World War II when he was on the "Baa Baa Black Sheep" TV show.
  • Joseph Kennedy Jr.

    Kennedy Jr. was born on July 28, 1915.