Australia throught the 1960's

  • Heat wave kills 11 people in Central Australia and 13 in Sydney

  • First Adelaide Festival

  • Hotels and theatres open for the first time on Anzac Day.

  • The last tram runs

    Earlier in April, a runaway tram crashed into another tram. Several vehicles, including a bus, were hit by the trams. A conductor was killed and more than 40 people were treated for injuries in the Royal Hobart Hospital.
  • TAA Fokker Friendship plane crashes, killling all 29 on board

  • Compulsory National service training ends

  • Walter Lindrum Dies

    Billard's champion walter Lindrum dies at the age of 61, in Surfer's Paradise.
  • Nobel Prize for Medicine

    Immunologist Sir Frank MacFarlane Burnet shares Nobel Prize for Medicine with Briton Peter Medawar
  • Period: to

    First Tied Test Cricket MAtch

    Australia ties with West Indies at the Gabba for the first time in test cricet history.
  • Berlin Wall

  • First Walmart

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Makes His "I Have a Dream" Speech

  • JFK Assassinated

  • Japan's First Bullet Train Line Opens

  • The U.S Sends Troops to Vietnam

  • First Heart Transplant

  • Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt Disapears

  • Martin Luther King Jr. is Assasinated

  • Japan's 300 Million Yen Robbery

  • Man Finally Makes it to the Moon!

  • Rock-and-Roll Concert at Woodstock