Australia During WWII

  • WWII Begins

    WWII began with Great Britain declaring war on Germany because she would not remove her troops from Poland. France soon followed as well as most of Great Britains colonial allies.
  • Period: to

    Australia and WWII

  • First British Naval Attacks on German Ships

    British starts attacks on German warships and naval vessels.
  • Russians invade Poland

    The Russians invade Poland and form a secret alliance with the Germans.
  • Nazis and Soviets Divide Poland

    The Nazis and the Soviets divide the old territories of Poland amongst themselves.
  • Soviets Expelled

    The Soviets are expelled from the League of Nations.
  • The British Ration Food

    The British government begin to ration the food supplies to the populace to help the war effort.
  • German Advances Continue

    The Germans invade Denmark and Norway.
  • Germnay Invades mutliple Nations

    The Germans invade France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and Winston Churchill becomes prime minister.
  • Germans Begin Civilian Bombing

    The Germans bomb Paris and so begin the bombing of civilian cities.
  • Italy Enetrs the War

    The Italians join the Nazis and delcare war on France and Great Britain.
  • France Surrenders

    The French Government signs an armistace with the German forces occupying Paris.
  • U-Boat Attackes

    German U-Boats in the Atlantic attack British merchantmen and sink them.
  • Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain begins with German air raids over British cities.
  • Germans Bomb British Facilities

    The Germans bomb and destroy major offensive British airfields and factories.
  • Germans Bomb London

    The Germans begin to bomb the center of London, destroying homes and killing civilians.
  • Italians Expand

    The Italians begin the invasion of Egypt.
  • Italians Further Expand

    The Italians move into Greece.
  • American President Elected

    Roosevelt is relected as the American President.
  • United Nations Formed

    26 Allied Nations form the United Nations.
  • First Ally Counter Attack

    The Allies capture Tobruk in Northern Africa.
  • British Retaliate to German Air Raids

    The British Bomb the German City of Hamburg.
  • Americans Freeze Assets

    The Americans freeze all German and Italian assets within America.
  • Germans Advance East

    The Germans Invade the Soviet Union.
  • Scorched Earth

    Stalin calls the Russian people to begin a scorched earth policy.
  • Mutual Aggrement Pact

    The British and Soviets agree to assist one another and form a pact of mutual assitance.
  • America Threatens Japan

    The Americans freeze all Japanese assets and suspend relations with them.
  • Nazi Racial Offences

    The Jews are ordered to wear Yellow stars within German held territory.
  • Mass Murders

    The Germans mass murder thousands of Jews in Kiev, Russia.
  • Soviet Counter Offensive

    The Soviets launch a major counter offensive around Moscow.
  • Japan Bombs Pearl Harbour

    The Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbour and so begin Hostilities with America.
  • America Declares War

    The Americans declare war on Japan.
  • Germans Declare War

    The Germans declare war on the Americans.
  • United Nations

    26 Allied nations form the Untied Nations.
  • American Troops in Englanf

    The First American troops begin to arrive in Great Britain.
  • Cologne Bombed

    The British launch a massive 1000 bomber air raid against Cologne.
  • Nazis Seize Tobruk

    The German army under Rommel sieze Tobruk.
  • Rommel Advances

    Rommel advances near El Alamein in Egypt, near Cairo.
  • Stalin and Churchill Meet

    The two allied leaders meet in Moscow.
  • All American Air Raid

    The Americans lauch the first ever all American air raid in Europe.
  • Rommel Driven Back

    Rommel is driven back by Montgomery at Battle of Alam Halfa.
  • Execution of British Prisoners

    Hitler orders the execution of all captured British Commandos.
  • Germans Withdraw

    The Germans withdraw from the Caucasus.
  • Montgomery Takes Tropoli

    Montgomery Takes Tripoli from the Germans.
  • American Bombing of Germany

    The Americans begin bombing German cities.
  • Germans First Big Defeat

    The German army is forced to surrender at Stalingrad and signals Hitlers first major defeat.
  • Germans Withdraw From Africa

    The German Africa Korps begins withdrawing from Africa.
  • Allies Advance in Attack

    The allies take Tunisia and break through the German lines.
  • Surrender of Germans

    The Germans surrender in North Africa.
  • Allies Land in Italy

    The Italians land troops in Scily from North Africa.
  • The Fascist Government Deposed

    The Mussolini fascist Government is deposed and a new Italian Government is set up and begin negotiations with the allies.
  • Italians Surrender

    The Italians surrender to the Allies.
  • Italy Declares War

    The Italians declare war on Germany.
  • Soviet Advances

    The Soviet Army advances into Poland.
  • Allies Bomb Monastery

    The Allies bomb the German held monastery of Monte Cassino
  • Germans Surrender

    The German forces in the Crimea surrenders to the Russian Army.
  • Allies Advance into Rome

    The allies advance into Rome after defeating the Germans.
  • D-Day

    The British and American invasion forces land at beaches along the French North Coast and begin the liberation of France.
  • German Rocket Attack

    The Germans begin their first V1 Rocket attack against London.
  • Liberation of Caen

    British and Canadian Forces liberate the French city of Caen.
  • Assination of Hitler Fails

    Assassination attempt on Hitler by some of his Generals fails.
  • Polish Home Army

    The Polish Home army starts insurrection in Warsaw Against the occupying German forces.
  • Parisian Uprising Begins

    The Parisian uprising begins and major unrest against the Germans begins.
  • Liberation of Paris

    The allies move in and liberate Paris.
  • Americans Move into Germany

    The Americans advance against the Sigfried Line in Western Germany.
  • Operation Market Garden

    Operation Market Garden is begun in Holland by the Allies.
  • Polish Home Army Defeated

    The Polish Home Army uprising in Warsaw is forced to surrender as the Russians refuse to help.
  • Athens Liberated

    The Allies liberate Athens and Rommel commits suicide.
  • French Drive Forward

    French troops break through the Beffort Gap to reach the Rhine.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    The Battle of the Bulge in Ardennes begins.
  • German Withdrawl

    The Germans Retreat from the Ardennes Region.
  • Soviets Capture Warsaw

    The Soviet army moves into Warsaw in Wester Poland.
  • Dresden Raised to the Ground

    The city of Dresden is burnt to the ground after a allied bombing.
  • Soviets and Allies Close In

    The Soviets begin their final offensive on Berlin as the US enter the city of Nuremberg.
  • Mussolini is Caputred and Hanged

    Italian dictator Mussolini is captured by Partisans and hanged as the allies capture Venice.
  • Adolf Hitler Commits Suicide

    Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his bunker at the wolf's lair.
  • German Troops Surrender

    German troops in Italy surrender to the allies.
  • Unconditional Surrender of German Troops

    All of the German troops in world are ordered to unconditionally surrender to the allies.
  • V-E Day

    The allies in Europe celebrate victory in the European theatre.
  • Allies Divide up Berlin

    The ally forces divide up the city of Berlin and take over the Government.
  • Allied Troops enter Berlin

    The French, British and American troops enter Berlin and begin rebuilding.
  • First Atomic Use

    The atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima by the Americans.
  • Soviets Enter the Pacific War

    The Russians declare war on Japan and invade Manchuria.
  • Second Bomb Dropped on Nagasaki

    The second atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki by the Americans.
  • The Japanese Surrender

    The Japanese Government unconditionally surrenders.
  • V-J Celebrated

    The Japanese sign the surrender agreement and victory is celebrated.
  • United Nations is Born

    The United Nations is created to prevent another war.
  • Nuremberg Trials Begin

    The war trials begin to trie and kill the Germans.