Austin Curtis

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    Thales 624

    No experiments, everything was made from water
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    Democritus 400 B.C.

    Theoetical thinkning. Advanced hypothesis that all matter was made up of atoms
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    Aristotle 322 B.C

    Did not believe in the atomic therory all substances were made of fire,water,earth, and air
  • Issac Newton

    No experiements
  • Dalton 1844

    Atomic theory, first to have experimental evidence. Law of fixed proportions.
  • Henri Becquerel 1896

    Discovered reactivity, could not explain it though.
  • Joseph John Thompson 1897

    Discovered the electron. Cathode Ray Experiments- 2 metal ends in a tube hooked up to a battery.
  • Ernest Rutherford 1903

    Discovered the nucleus, gold foil experiement
  • Millikan 1912

    OIl drop experiement. Found the energy of an electron.
  • Niels Bohr 1916

    Created the Bohr model. Thought electrons orbitted around the nucleus
  • Erwin Schrodinger 1926

    Atomic model was the quanum mechanical model. Proved Bohr's model wrong. Preduces the odds of the electron location.
  • James Chadwick 1932

    proved the existence of neutron