Auguste Comte 19 Jan 1798

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  • Birthday

    Auguste Comte was a French philosopher who grew up during the French Revolution and coined the term sociology.
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  • School

    Comte began school to become a mathematician and scientist, however he didn't graduate and left the school.
  • Course of Positive Philosophy

    in 1826, Comte began work on his famous book Course of Positive Philosophy. In this book, Comte argues that society can be perfected if humans follow three rules. Theology, metaphysics, and from the positive. This book influenced the thinking of Karl Marx, inventor of socialism.
  • System of Positive Polity

    After the death of his mistress in 1844, Comte began to write his second book which was published in 1846. This book proposed a religious order based on reason and humanity. It also struck on the importance of morality in human society.
  • Death

    Auguste Comte died on September 5, 1857. His ideas brought new perspectives to the world. He is created for being the father of sociology.
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