Atomic Timeline

By WWolter
  • Antoine Lavoisier

    Named Oxygen, Hydrogen, and predicted Silicon
  • Charles-Augusin de Coulomb

    Developed Coulombs law. The SI unit of an electon charge was later named after him.
  • John Dalton

    Created Daltons Law
  • Michaek Faraday

    Law of Electrolysis
  • Dmitri Medneleev

    Created the First model of the Periodic Table of Elements.
  • WIlliam Crookes

    Investigated plasmas and identified it as the fourth state of matter.
  • Wilhelm Roentgen

    Discovered X-rays
  • JJ Thomson

    Discovered electrons and isotopes
  • Madame Curie

    Discovered polonuim and radium.
  • Henri Becquerel

    Discovered radioactivity.
  • Albert Einsein

    General theory of reletivity.
  • Ernest Ruthford

    Discovered the conept of radioactife half-life.
  • Robert Andrews Millikan

    Determened the charge of an electron
  • Henry Mosely

    Moseleys law
  • Max Planck

    Originated Quantom theory
  • Niels Bohr

    Made foundational contributions to understanding the atomic structure.
  • Louis de Broglie

    Matter and wave Particle duality
  • Erwin Schroedinger

    Formed the basis in wave mechanics
  • Werner Heisenberg

    Creation of the uncertainty principle
  • James Chadwick

    Discovery of the Neutron
  • Otto Hahn And Lisa Meitner

    Discovereed nuclear fission
  • Enrico Fermi

    Induced Radioactivity
  • Glen T. Seaborg

    Discovered the transuranium elements (atomic number Greater than 9). Actinide Concept
  • George Zweig

    OZI Rule
  • Murray Gell-Mann

    Introduced a classifacation scheme for hadrons