atomic thoery ADALINE AND DARIUS


    He was british. He was a school teacher .He publish the atomic to the ideas. The 1700s, scientists had learned that elements combine in certain proportions based on mass to form compound. Dalton died July 26, 1844 in Manchester, England.
    As a child, Dalton longed for a formal education, but his family was very poor. It was clear that he would need to help out with the family finances from a young age.
  • John Dalton

    British scientist and school teacher John Dalton reintroduces the concept of atoms with evidence to support his ideas.
  • james marshall

    James Marshall finds gold while building sutters mill staring the california gold rush.
  • russian chemist

    Russsian chenist dmitri mendeleev deelops a periodic table that organizes the elements knw at the time.
  • british scientist

    Brtish scientist j.j thomson identifles electrons as particles that are present inh every atom.
  • emest rutherforod

    Ernest Rutherforod a physicist from new zealand discovers thre positively charged nucleus of the atom.
  • greek

    The Greek philospher Democritus proposes that small particles called atoms make up all matter.