Atomic Theory Infograph

By Jhold4
  • John Dalton (Marble Model)

    John Dalton (Marble Model)
    John Dalton was the first person to have a known theory for atoms; all that he stated was that they are indestructable spheres and combine in compounds in whole number ratios. His atomic model was simply a sphere.
    John opened the book into atomic theory and structure; since he was the first to come up with an idea about atomic structure but was limited by the technology of his time, that sphere was really all he could make out of it
  • J.J Thomson (Plum Pudding Model)

    J.J Thomson (Plum Pudding Model)
    J.J's atomic model was much more advanced than John Dalton's theory. He stated and showed that atoms are whole chunks of positivly charged space with negativily charged electrons floating non-randomly around it. His model was much more advance than John Daltion's becauss he added electrons and positivly charged space. He had a huge impact of atomic theory and structure because he made a statement that people could test and prove or disprove. Which four years later somebody did...
  • Ernest Rutherford (Rutherford Model)

    Ernest Rutherford (Rutherford Model)
    Ernest Rutherford changed J.J Thomsons model almost completely. Instead of the large positivly charged space, he found that there was actually a nucleus with positivly charged particles where most of the mass of the atom came from. He found this by sending an electric current through an atom, expecting it to just pass through, but when he looked for alpha particles with very high deflection angles. Though very rare, they were found, then he formulated the Rutherford Model
  • Niels Bohr (Solar System Model)

    Niels Bohr (Solar System Model)
    Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who made huge contributions to the atomic theory and quantum mechanics. In 1911 Bohr travelled to England and met J.J Thomson. He attended many lectures and did work with cathode rays which didnt impress Mr. Thomson. He had better luck with Ernest Rutherford though. Since Bohr was good with atomic structure and quantum mechanics he simply added Max Planck's quantum theory with Ernest Rutherfords model and created the solar system model.
  • Erwin Schrodinger (Electron Could Model)

    Erwin Schrodinger (Electron Could Model)
    Schrodinger was born and died in Austria. He came up with the idea that electrons arent in specific rings, just in a general area, called the electron cloud. and they can move from around freely within the electron could. In the models it shows that it's darker around the nucleus and gets litgher as you go out.
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